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    Why am I getting back into pop punk from the early 2000s? Because I am forever a child and an idiot and I’m kind of okay with it.

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The end of the fence is literally right there.


    The end of the fence is literally right there.

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    it took me 10 years to realized his head went into the shape of a leg

    It’s back! 

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    my favorite olympic sport is, without a doubt, card games on ice



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    1. Mako: It's an honor to meet you, sir.
    2. Zuko: No please, the honor is mine.
    3. Mako: Oh wow thank y-
    4. Zuko: It's all mine. Every bit of it in the world. I own all of the honor. No touching.
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    u think white ppl don’t have problems??? yeah well where’s my upper lip

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All Star
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